Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to be featured on Dealyoop?

Dealyoop is an effective and affordable alternative to traditional advertising. Print ads, radio spots, and TV commercials require upfront payment and there’s no guarantee that your campaign will be successful. Dealyoop costs you nothing upfront.

How does Dealyoop make money?

We make money when you do. We keep a flat 30% of each deal voucher sold and send you the rest. Dealyoop is a guaranteed investment in new customers – you never pay for vouchers that don’t sell.

How long will my deal be featured?

Deals are featured on our home page emails for one week. After that, deals go into the Loop where subscribers can search by category, location or business name.

Because Dealyoop is the place where deals come to stay, you’ll see a steady stream of new, interested subscribers searching for your business.

Is there a limit to how many deal vouchers I can sell on Dealyoop?

You decide how many deals to sell, as many or as few as you’d like.* There’s no limit to the number of new customers you can attract with Dealyoop and every voucher sold is money in the bank!

*exceptions apply

How soon can I have my deal featured?

We’ll feature your deal within 2-4 weeks of getting started. During this time we’ll craft a compelling deal write-up and work with you to prepare your business for the hundreds of new customers you’ll see right away. Once we’ve scheduled your deal to be featured you’ll be contacted with the exact date and time it launches.

When will I receive my money?

After your deal runs we'll  send you a check for the full 70% of the Dealyoop sales.

How many deals can I run?

Merchants may offer discounts through Dealyoop every month as long as the deal changes. We consider ourselves experts at helping businesses choose unique deals that bring in fresh clientele and steady profits.

Will my deal have an expiration date?

You are free to choose the expiration date of your Dealyoop offer. We recommend from 3-6 months after the date purchase.

Where can I see how many deals I've sold?

Log in to your Dealyoop account to view voucher purchase history, customer names and voucher numbers.

Have more questions?

Contact us anytime.